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Who are we?

The rich history and culture in the south-east of France is what we fell in love with. Enjoying the surroundings while you are having breakfast in the backyard, or while you are canoeing at the river The Drôme, are just a small part of the experiences Ellen and Theo had. After coming here on vacation for the past eighteen years, we both said goodbye to our jobs in Holland and bought a big house in Saillans. The last 8 months we renovated it into 3 Vacation suites or as they say here, Gîtes and now you have a chance to discover what we did many years ago. See for yourself the many opportunities that the south of France has to offer.

Theo worked as a teacher for 21 years at an elementary school. He even taught children at the age of 4 and 5 in kindergarten. He is also an avid collector of old cars especially, Renault. So if you like to have a good conversation about old cars, here is you partner.

Ellen worked for many years at the ING Bank in Holland as head of all the Client Services Managers. And even after raising her three sons, she still has the need to take care of people.

We will do everything to make jour holiday unforgettable.