Sailing itinerary for Naples and the Amalfi Coast

Southern Italy hides many wonders to know sailing. One of them is the beautiful Amalfi Coast, and near to it, the city of Naples at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. Here is where pizza Margherita was born and they say it is one of the best places to eat in the world. In addition, this area is highly frequented by sailors and yachts. Proof of this is the highest price paid for a berth in the marina of Capri. And the reason is obvious. The landscape of high cliffs, caves and villages on the hillsides is unique. We encourage you to know this part of the Italian coast with this 7-day sailing itinerary for Naples and the Amalfi Coast.


The boating season in Naples and the Amalfi Coast coincides with the best months for sailing in the Mediterranean, between May and September. These are the months with better weather, less rain and warmer temperatures. July and August are also when European holidays happen and there may be many visitors, so it is appealing to plan the trip in advance.

Wind and Weather

The Amalfi Coast is very calm and there are not many strong winds in the area. Typically, winds are from east or northeast and below 15 knots. Occasionally there are winds of 20 knots, but the usual is days of absolute calm and light winds. In spring and summer temperatures often are around 20 degrees Celsius, and in July and August they usually reach 30 ° C. It hardly ever rains in summer, but it does considerably in autumn and winter.


The first day of our sailing itinerary for Naples and the Amalfi Coast we stay in the city, but if we like we can know its waterfront with our rental boat. The architecture in this city is unique, and the view from the sea is special. On land you can visit the castles, walk in the historic center and know the tradition of San Gennaro. And especially, we can try the best pizza in the world and enjoy Neapolitan cuisine.

Naples – Capri

We head south towards the island of Capri, with the world’s most expensive marina berthing. There we can see colorful houses and beaches to swim. You can also visit the famous Blue Grotto, one of the most beautiful in the world. Or we can approach the Faraglioni rocks, featured on the header of this post.

Capri – Amalfi

We leave Capri and we head to the Amalfi Coast. We will go first to Amalfi’s town. Throughout history this was an important maritime city, and there are buildings of great historical value. One of them is the Duomo, the cathedral, original thanks to its green and white tones.

Amalfi – Vietri sul Mare

We will reach Vietri sul Mare, the southernmost town on this sailing itinerary for Naples and the Amalfi Coast. This place is known for its handmade pottery that decorates all the buildings. In addition, we can admire the beauty of nature while sailing or relax on the beach of pebbles and gray sand. If we need supplies, we can go to Salerno, just a couple of miles east.