Sailing Itinerary in Croatia: Route from Split

Croatia is an idyllic Mediterranean destination in central and southeast Europe, with thousands of islands and unbelievably blue waters. With its rich biodiversity, the country’s vegetation ranges from its Alpine regions to its breathtaking coast and islands. If you are looking for secluded coves and fishing villages steeped in history, the Dalmatian coast is your destination in Croatia. 

With departure and arrival in Split, this journey will allow you to discover some of the most astonishing islands and coastal towns. This central region shelters some of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean. Gifted with a brimming natural and architectural beauty, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage.

Charter your boat and discover the wonders of the Dalmatian Islands with this one-week sailing itinerary in Croatia.

Climate and Temperatures

Croatia enjoys three types of climates, but we’re mainly interested in the coastal climate features. The Adriatic coast has a typical Mediterranean climate of cold, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. Rainfalls along the coast, are almost nonexistent in summer, but they tend to become more frequent in autumn and winter. Winter temperatures range from 5 ºC (41) to 10°C (50 ºF) in the coastal region. In summer, the sky is always blue and clean, and the temperature ranges from 26 – 30 º C.

Winds and Sailing Conditions

There are three dominant winds in Croatia: the Scirocco, the Bora and the Maestral.

  • The Maestral is a pleasant summer wind blowing from the sea. Its natural force is approx. 16-20 knots and it usually starts early in the morning for then reaching its peak force in the early afternoon.
  • The Scirocco is not a seasonal wind, as it can blow at any time of the year bring rough seas and prolonged rain with a thickly cloudy sky. On average it blows between 16-20 knots.
  • From the mainland, the Bora blows, bringing dry air and cooler temperatures. Its strength may vary from light to more intense breezes.

Milna, Brač (11 nm, 1h20′)

Let’s start this sailing itinerary in Croatia, from one of its beautiful coastal town: Split. Split is the second-largest town of Croatia. You will do the check-in its marina (Aci Marina Split), located in the port, and naturally protected from the sea and wind trades. The beautiful seafront boardwalk starts precisely from the marina. Thus, as soon as you arrive, you can have an idea of the vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere of this lovely urban centre. The Old Town has many wonderful landmarks to see, such as the famous Dioclecianus’ Palace (Dioklecijanova palača), one of the best-preserved buildings of the Roman Empire. You can choose to visit Split before embarking or at the end of your yacht charter.

After the boat briefing, set sails to Brač, the largest island in central Dalmatia. Here you can visit the village of Milna, with the Church of Saint Joseph (Crkva Sv. Josipa) standing out amongst its buildings. Or if you can’t wait to take a dip, head to Zlatni Rat’s beach, one of the most well-known and photographed beaches in Croatia.