Sailing itinerary in Sicily

Sicily is the largest island of Italy and its extension allows having a huge geographic and landscape diversity. It offers volcanic regions combined with long coastlines of white sand and crystal clear waters. And on land, its historical heritage is majestic and monuments abound from various eras. If you are passionate about sailing and and you are not lazy for travelling miles, we suggest you this 7-day sailing itinerary for Sicily to know the north of the island: PalermoMessina and the Aeolian Islands.


As it is usual in the Mediterranean, the best months to sail Sicily are the summer ones, in this case between May and September or October. The price and availability of moorings may vary depending on the time of year and the size of the boat, so it is something to consider in advance.

Wind and weather

During the summer months, the main wind in Sicily is the northwestern, blowing with an medium force. As it is normal in the Mediterranean, the highest temperatures take place in July and August, and in May, June and September they often are above 20 degrees (Celsius), so both navigation and swimming in sea are very nice.

Palermo – Filicudi

The first day we will set sail from Palermo and head towards the Aeolian Islands. This archipelago has a volcanic origin, so the islands have many caves and coves where you can anchor. We will end the day on the island of Filicudi, but first we will have sail near Alicudi. Both islands show the Mediterranean island landscape at its best.

Filicudi – Stromboli

In our sailing itinerary for Sicily, we will head northeast to Stromboli. This island is famous for its active volcano that smokes and where you can watch the magma. There are constant eruptions, though not violent, and the noise and fire show is unique at nights.

Stromboli – Messina

We will head south towards the island of Sicily again, and finish the day in Messina. For its strategic location, this city has been a subject of dispute for centuries, so its cultural and artistic heritage is endless. Several earthquakes and tsunamis destroyed much of this heritage, but all that remain is worth to visit.

Messina – Vulcano

We will continue with sailing itinerary for Sicily heading back to the Aeolian Islands. We will moor in Vulcano, another volcanic island with a clear volcano shape. It is believed that its mud baths have healing properties thanks to the sulfur fumes.